Give me a month.

That’s long enough for you to begin to see what’s really possible.

Many fitness programs focus on cardio and loud music, but Motus Fitness is something different. It focuses on the fundamentals and on your body’s natural movement patterns. We build strength and mobility through practical calisthenics and old school training methods.

You’re going to become stronger, leaner, and feel better.







Ryan has an incredible ability to meet you where you are at, cut through the nonsense, and show you exactly what you need to do every day.

The Method

It’s all about movement – that sweet spot where mobility meets strength. I’ve experimented with many, many different fitness  programs over the years. And with Motus, I’ve taken the best of everything to create a well-rounded, practical, and sustainable approach to fitness.


Meet Ryan, owner and head coach at Motus.

Meet Ryan


Stop building fitness on dysfunction. Fix your foundation and start moving better with Motus today.