Does your body move the way it once did?

It’s time to start training the movement patterns. Now is the time to regain your mobility, build strength and feel better.

About You

You’ve never given much thought to your body’s movement. You’ve always just lifted weights and ran 5ks and never missed your Monday yoga class. This led to a competition with yourself and others. More weight on the bar. Faster miles. New asana to put on Instagram. Yet despite all this hard work you still don’t fell like you could move like a cat – with synergistic grace and power.

You may never have thought about your body’s movement, but you’re thinking about it now.

About Motus

Motus is my fitness blog. It’s also Latin for movement. My focus is not on ways that you can get stronger (although that’s a common side effect), but ways to enhance your own body’s movement. When we can move freely and do the things we want to do – we can take risks. When we take risks in our lives we can grow. And when we grow as individuals we can be happy. And if we can’t be happy then what else is there?

Here are some of the themes you’ll find me writing about:


Fitness is complicated. Let’s work together to make some sense of it.

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