Why trainers should not try to fix everything with exercise

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Early last spring I was training in a movement club and one of the coaches was taking me through a progression for mastering a muscle-up. For the uninitiated, a muscle-up is arguably the crème-de-la-crème of strength. It’s a relative symphony of mobility and brute power. I’m a strong guy, with 15 years of lifting experience, but I remain unable to perform one. But I was going for it. Before long, there was a problem. At […]

are high heels bad for your calves

Tight calves? Look at your footwear

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Many, many people have tight calves. Simply put, it’s largely a consequence of our sedentary lifestyles. Even the fittest among us often have to put in some extra effort to ensure that we still have good movement in this part of our leg. And for a lot of women, it’s natural to wonder, “Are high heels bad for your calves?” Unlike back pain, which is very obvious, tight calves often go somewhat unnoticed. At least […]

Do you really need protein powder?

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I’ve been a gym rat for around 15 years now. That’s how long I’ve been lifting weights and learning about movement. Over this time, I’ve also consumed my fair share of supplements in my attempt to be “bigger.” I’ve dabbled with all the usual suspects: mass gainer, creatine, and protein powder. Let’s talk about the latter. Specifically, let’s try to answer the question: Do you really need protein powder? In my experience, new lifters are […]

make your workout more effective

Make your workout more effective with these 4 tips

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I’ve always had an eye for efficiency. Perhaps it is my engineering background, but I am always on the lookout for a better way of doing things. This week I want to talk about ways that you can make your workout more effective. These are the “macro” strategies that will help you to become a better lifter and help you to build a sustainable fitness habit. Track your progress Whether your goal is to lose […]

how to treat a muscle sprain

What’s the best way to treat a muscle sprain?

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The other day, I was scanning some of my old Fit Mornings videos and started watching David Berman’s talk. If you don’t remember the Fit Mornings series, you can read about it here. David’s talk was a good one. He came in to discuss muscle strains and to provide his system on recovering as quickly and efficiently as possible. As the weather warms and many of you begin to pick up the summer activities like […]


Why do I have knee pain? A personal story

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I have a personal anecdote for you this week. A long, long, time ago, I had some knee pain. It reared its ugly head after I went snow shoeing with some friends. At the time, I hadn’t really been snow shoeing in earnest – just a couple of short hikes – and so this particular day was by far the longest outing I had planned. About half way through, let’s say maybe 4 miles in, my […]