how to get your calves to grow

How to get your calves to grow

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If there’s one singular body part that all of us wish was better developed, it would probably be the calves. These are the muscles that are often a true reflexion of athleticism. Big arms may be nice, but strong calves suggest a person who can really move. So, how can you get your calves to grow? Whenever I see someone in the gym training calves it’s usually on the Smith machine and it’s typically for […]


Is the pistol squat the rarest exercise in the world?

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If there’s one exercise that has made me more friends in the gym than any other, it’s the pistol squat. Also known as the single leg squat, the pistol is the singular movement that everytime I work them in the gym, there’s a very good chance that someone will approach me and comment. Usually, they are either asking me why I’m doing them or lamenting about how they probably can never do them because of some […]

if you have tight quads

How to know if you have tight quads

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It has only been in the last three years or so that I started to pay any attention to the tonicity of my quadriceps. To be honest, for a long time, I never thought that they could get tight. Hamstrings, sure. Calves, absolutely. But quads? Really? Today, I fortunately know better. Just as I keep a close eye on my calves and hamstrings, I now pay attention to my quads. And since I’ve done so, […]

glute builder

Two glute builders that don’t get enough attention

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Deadlift Monday, I like to say. It’s my little way of avoiding International Bench Press Monday which is known and celebrated the world over. And when I headed into the gym yesterday I realized – as I do almost every Monday – that hardly anyone deadlifts. Which got me thinking. Why are so many people headed to the gym to build a better butt, yet so few are even doing the exercises required to get […]

denver adult gymnastics

Here’s what you need to know about adult gymnastics

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I’ve trained in two adult gymnastics gyms in the Boulder and Denver area over the past several years. Fortunately, both are very successful gyms so there’s obviously a market for this type of training. And if you read Motus with any regularity you’ll know that I am an advocate for all things calisthenics and body weight. The simple act of manipulating one’s body weight can be both humbling and a hugely effective strategy to stay […]

mistakes gym owners make and how you can fix them

My workout today: Upper body press and pull

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Historically, I’ve shied away on Motus Fitness when it comes to providing work out programs. I’ve always been happy to offer up concepts and tips, but I never go so far as to say “here’s the formula…” The reason being that everyone is different and without understanding your movement and your history of injuries, I have never (and still don’t) feel comfortable providing a specific workout program. However, it dawned on me today that you might […]