Mindfulness in the gym

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What do you know about mindfulness? That is, being mindful? I hail from a technical background and so when I first encountered an article on the subject, I admit, I was a little biased against it. It just seemed too abstract to be of much value to me in my everyday life. Since that time, roughly 2 years ago, I’ve come a long way, I like to think. Today, I make time to meditate and […]

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The best way to improve your fitness business

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Free tea would be nice, wouldn’t it!? But it’s not quite what I’m thinking. As I write this, I’m sitting on the patio of my favorite neighborhood coffee and tea shop. There’s a lot to like about the place. It’s a nice quiet setting, but not too quiet. There’s an extensive offering of teas – rare to find in the Denver area. Strong and reliable wifi, naturally. And the service, well, it’s just OK. Why […]


The secret to being strong is no secret at all

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At what seems like regular intervals I am reminded that just about everyone has at least one health and fitness challenge that they are trying to overcome. And most recently, I had two personal trainers admit to me that they – the super fit – were having fitness related challenges. The aches and pains that so many of us constantly fight against. So, it got me thinking on a rather holistic level, what is the […]


What is Motus Fitness all about?

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Sometimes I think I spend so much time writing about the elements that comprise this whole crazy idea called Motus Fitness, that I may forget to bring it all together. That maybe I don’t spend enough time integrating all these thoughts into the big picture. So, this blog post is a little different from my usual articles. Let’s talk about what Motus Fitness really is. Movement is┬áthe most important thing Fitness methods are a dime […]


2 tips for better movement

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It was in the gym recently that I had one of my more ego-boosting moments. After I performed a pistol variation, a woman said to me, “Holy toledo! That was impressive.” And now that I’ve had some time to reflect on what she said, I think her response to my workout was very symbolic of what many people see as good movement. In other words, the greater public may not know about the subtleties of […]

Where to find Movnat in Colorado

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Fitness is always changing. Sometimes at a glacier pace, and other times, entire trends are extinguished in only a few short years. It should come as no surprise that one of my favorite topics to write about is how the rather avante garde fitness trends are changing and how well received they are. And a trend that is actually becoming quite well tenured now is Movnat. Founded by Frenchman Erwan Le Corre, Movnat is a […]