10 Great Things About Waking Up

by Ryan Wagner

Have a tough time getting out of bed in the morning? We all do sometimes. Here are 10 great things about waking up to help get you motivated.

1. You have a chance to hit the reset button

Today is a brand new day. Make the most of it.

You’ve heard that mantra before, no doubt.┬áBut try this: jot down one thing you want to accomplish. It has to be achievable and realistic. And scalable. For instance, if you are trying to get down to a 34 inch waistline, guess what – that’s not going to happen in one day. Instead, make your goal to eat a healthy lunch. Hit this target and you’re heading in the right direction.

Regardless, keep your goal close and read it throughout the day. Maybe it’s simple like running an errand to the store to buy new running shorts. Or a little more involved like running a 7 miler. Regardless, plan your day around this goal and make it happen. No matter what.

2. Your metabolism is just waiting to be revved up

After a long night’s rest your body has recharged its batteries and is ready to go. Grab yourself an easy healthy breakfast like fruit and oatmeal and head out the door. You need to jump-start your metabolism whether your goal is weight loss or strength. Bottom line: Your body needs regularity and fuel. Fortunately, both are commodities.

3. There’s a 100% chance that you can work out today

Ever get to the end of the work day and feel like you just aren’t going to make it to they gym? Or make it home in time so that you can change and go for a run? When we don’t make plans and prioritize, we start to lose sight on what we had hoped to accomplish in the first place. However, when you wake up in the morning and haven’t dragged yourself out of bed, you can honestly say you’ll make it to the gym. All you have to do is make it a priority. Carve out time. Make a plan.

The whole day is ahead of you and so there is plenty of time to make a healthy breakfast, do some chores, drop the kids off at school, go to work, run errands over lunch, grab coffee, finally schedule that meeting and – workout! Write it down on your smartphone, an old school notebook, or stone tablet and make it happen!

Skeptical? Try telling everyone you meet that day that you have plans for your health. Something like:

“I’m going to the gym later to hit my leg workout – I’ve been increasing my front squat volume and I can’t stop now!”


“I’m meeting my group training class at 6 pm because they are counting on me to show up tonight.”

Hold yourself accountable among your peers and driving right past the gym to land on your couch becomes a lot less likely when you feel that your health is important.

4. You may already be stronger or lighter

Muscle repair takes time and most of it takes place while you sleep. So assuming you hit your workout the day before, when you rise in the morning you may already be stronger than when you went to bed. Pretty cool if you ask me. Sort of makes you feel like you need to capitalize on the day ahead, huh?

Conversely, if your aim is weight loss, then you’re undoubtedly closer to your weight loss goal than when you went to bed in the first place. Your body has been resting and repairing all night long. If you exercised the day before, you may be capitalizing on EPOC (Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption), the state of increased oxygen consumption your body goes through after exercise. Plus, you haven’t eaten in many hours. So if you need a little encouragement to continue your diet/fitness program/etc, step on the scale early in the morning and you’ll likely be emboldened.

5. Your brain is ready to go

You earned your 7 – 8 hours of sleep in the night before, right? If you did, then your mind is refreshed and ready to start your day. Plus, the odds that’ll you’ll remember #3 above are increased. Why, because when you sleep you can strengthen your memories.

6. You have a date with healthy food

You may have eaten greasy take-out yesterday, but today can be different. You can get all the vegetables you know you need and none of the cola or processed foods that are so ambiguous.

But this is nothing new. You’ve heard this all before and I’m probably sounding like a broken record. So try this: Pick one meal and make it a nutritional emblem of greatness. Example: Take lunch for instance. Make a plan for having a healthy salad with avocado, nuts, chicken, and the poster child of high nutrition: Kale. Either find a suitable lunch spot or go shopping. Now, this is no excuse for ordering take-out again at dinner, but at least you’ll put an ace in the hole for your midday meal. Sounds like a good plan, doesn’t it?

7. You’re just about to go on a healthy walk

Assuming #8 is not available to you, you have the opportunity to go on a walk before work. If you have a four-legged furry creature, take him along. Combined with a healthy breakfast (maybe it’s a protein shake you bring with you to save time) the light cardio of a brisk walk will help jack your body’s metabolism and set you up nicely for a great day ahead.

Even your gray matter will benefit. Research has shown that regular walkers have a lower risk of developing dementia related problems in life.

8. Have sex

Yes, we all know that our favorite human activity burns calories. So why not get your workout taken care of first thing in the morning!

According to research from the University of Montreal, sex burns about 100 calories for men and 69 for women at an average duration of around 25 minutes. So you’re going to burn more calories than #7, but let’s be honest, at 100 calories, sex is no substitute for the gym.

9. Today may be your last

Forgive me for venturing into the often overused carpe diem territory, but it’s true. So think twice about sitting at home watching the tube. Is Dancing with the Stars really that important?

10. You have a chance to hit the reset button

Did I mention you have a chance to hit the reset button??

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