5 inspirational YouTube videos to get you off the couch

by Ryan Wagner

So the past week has been the perfect storm of lost productivity for me. The primary culprit was the untimely demise of my laptop charging cable. And it turns out that one major drawback of owning a nifty little ultrabook is that charging cables are relatively tough to come by.

Long story short – I’m back!

The particulary astute of you will notice that today’s post is (gasp!) one day late. And in light of recent events I thought it would be fun to roundup my shortlist of my favorite inspirational YouTube videos.

Simply put, these videos have changed my life. They really have. It’s funny the impact a simple video can have. That someone took the time to create a video that brought them joy, offered it up to the world and now it found its way to my blog is an amazing thing.

So watch these videos carefully and then watch them again. You’ll be glad you did.

For the runner

A little background: When I was training for my first 70.3 Ironman, this video of ultrarunner Killian Jornet was what got me off the couch to go for my runs. All I wanted to do was run through the mountains after watching this video. Be forewarned, you may never look at city running again after viewing this segment…

For the hardcore lifter

Ah, CT Fletcher.

If you don’t know the guy, you’re about to make his acquaintance. He loves his four letter words and training hard. Yes, he says some controversial things (e.g. that overtraining isn’t real), but you can’t deny the man understands hard work.

All you’re going to want to do is lift arms after watching this video..

For the primal fitness junkie

If there was one singular video that changed my life (seriously) it would be this one.

The concept of Movnat truly set me on a different course. I found myself asking questions like “why can’t I do a muscle up?” and “do I really need to run with shoes.” But most importantly, this very video got me thinking about the absolute, bare bones, true meaning of health and fitness.

It’s a beautiful film that showcases concepts that are bigger than any one man or fitness program. Enjoy.

For the movement aficionado

If Movnat was my undergrad program, then movement fitness is the graduate program I’m currently enrolled in. I may never graduate, but it’s a wild ride. Ido Portal got me thinking in a new way. After watching this video I was asking myself a whole new set of introspective questions – “Why can’t I do a handstand easily?” and “Why aren’t I playing in the grass outside more?”

We are always training. We want to do it, we want to move! – Ido Portal

And just good ol’ fashioned inspiration

This last video transcends fitness yet encompasses it fully.

Get moving. Create something. Share.

I hope you enjoy these videos. They have had quite an impact on me and I hope they do the same for you.

Happy movement everyone.

By Ryan Wagner

What’s your favorite YouTube video to get you moving?

5 inspirational YouTube videos to get you off the couch by