“Restoring the core” (why this buzzword is misleading)

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The other night I overheard a group of people discussing a yoga and Pilates retreat they were looking forward to attending. It was called “Restoring the Core.” Aptly named, indeed, since the foundation of Pilates one can argue is all about the core. But it got me thinking how common this buzzword (buzzphrase?), and its derivatives, are in the present day. My grievance here is that classes and weekend programs named Restoring the Core oversimplify the […]

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Are lifting straps helping you or setting you up for an injury?

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Do you use lifting straps or have you seen guys or girls in the gym using them for their deadlifts? Are lifting straps safe? Here’s the rationale: since the grip is usually the first thing to go in a heavy deadlift, these straps are intended to augment your grip strength, thereby setting you up for higher poundage. But they may be doing you more harm than good. Aside from helping you to move more weight, there […]

Gyms are filled with germs, here’s how you keep from getting sick

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I came across an article today on Reader’s Digest entitled, “15 Things Your Gym Doesn’t Want You to Know.” Naturally, I had to click through and give it a read. Much of it was spot on with one particular item standing out, that the equipment is rarely clean. One of my early posts here on Motus was about wiping down gym equipment. It remains to this day one of my most popular articles. It turns […]

Why is fitness trending towards the slow workout?

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Something interesting has been happening in the fitness world over the past couple of years: there has been more of an interest in slowing things down. In other words, the high-intensity workout may be giving way to the the slow workout. In other words, thoughtful alternatives to popular high-intensity and uber-competitive workouts are sprouting up all over fit urban centers and inspiring devoted fans. These programs are emphasizing mindfulness over reps, enjoyment over sweat, and togetherness […]

2018 fitness trends: Designed for the consumer or the consumer’s attention?

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It’s that time of the year again. The time when 2018 fitness trends are predicted and drooled over. Marketers are busying designing new logos and writing franchise plans, while personal trainers are hard at work designing new workouts. Unfortunately, at first glance, the 2018 trends look like they are designed to capture the consumer’s attention instead of being what the consumer really needs. If I were to pick on one trend in particular, it would be […]