the deadlift guide

Part I: Deadlift guide for novices – building your foundation

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Unless you lift in a true strength training facility, odds are that not many people in your gym include the deadlift as part of their routine. This deadlift guide is meant to help you build a foundation for yourself – in terms of both strength and technique. Maybe you’re one of them! If this is true, then allow me to (temporarily) come to your defense. The deadlift has an intimidating name and the few guys […]

A case for unilateral leg training

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Training one leg at a time often gets a bad rap. Guys have a tendency to think that unilateral leg exercises like the split squat and pistol are just one small step away from a Zumba class. And that’s a shame because training one leg at a time may end up being the most efficient way for most lifters to boost their strength. What it is Unilateral leg training is simply training one leg at […]

Why you should care about thoracic spine mobility

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Take a moment to be mindful of your posture right now. Are you hunched over a pixelated screen with your shoulders elevated and neck held uncomfortably forward? If my guess isn’t far off then you owe it to yourself to learn a little about your thoracic spine mobility. Simply put, it’s a measure of how freely your upper spine moves. Here’s what you need you know: Your lumbar spine is meant for stability, but your […]

What you need to know about protein powders

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The first time I picked up a dumbbell with any real purpose was when I was 18 and a freshmen in college. It wasn’t long before I started experimenting with different types of protein powders. You see, at 18 many guys want to be big. Or at least bigger than they are. More muscle, more power, bigger bench, bigger squat, etc. Protein supplements are billed as part of the solution. Today, there is no shortage […]

Gymtimidation and how to fight it

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A recent study has shown that ‘gymtimidation’ – the fear of going to the gym – is alive and thriving. According to the UK’s Daily Mail the survey performed by Cosmopolitan Body UK found that twice as many women as men feel embarrassed while exercising in the gym. The primary culprit is a feeling that others are noticing them (e.g. uncomfortable stares). On the other hand, men are a little more confident in they gym, but 20% still […]

should you wipe down gym equipment does it matter

Should you wipe down gym equipment? Here’s what you need to know

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I’m not going to sugarcoat it – gyms can be dirty places. Anytime there are lots of people sweating on equipment it creates an environment that may as well be a playground for bacteria, viruses and other troublemakers. But should you wipe down gym equipment? In other words, are those gym wipes doing what they are advertised to do – kill all the bad germs and keep you healthy? For some, this simple fact is […]