Calling all fitness enthusiasts – Fit Mornings needs you

by Ryan Wagner

Hello everyone. I have a big announcement this week!

I’ve created a monthly event that is both free and open to the public that will serve as a venue for fitness TED-style talks.

It’s called Fit Mornings.

The premise is rather simple:

Fitness is complicated. Let’s try to make some sense of it.

September 5th is the first talk. RSVP on the website above and you’ll be provided the location here in Denver.

So, why does Denver need something like Fit Mornings?

So many flavors

As businessman and marketing guru Seth Godin likes to ask, “What is the most popular soft drink in America? Answer: other.”

There are so many choices out there in fitness – many of which are focused on selling to clients and not actually helping them with their health. Even a professional like me finds it difficult sometimes to differentiate between the more exotic programs.

Back in the 50s there was weightlifting. That was it.

Today, there is is CrossFit, Orange Theory, kickboxing, pilates, yoga, boxing, Bodypump, etc. And more every day.

And for all the reasons I can’t think of

What will happen when we put all the best thinkers and fitness innovators under one roof once a month? Beats me, but I want to find out.

And remember, Fit Mornings isn’t just for trainers and fitness professionals. It’s for everyone with an interest. Trainers need clients to tell them what they what and need and clients need professionals to help guide them through the overwhelming number of choices that make up contemporary fitness.

A community for all

With Fit Mornings I want to create a community of thinkers, doers and innovators. Everyone is welcome.

Looking around the Denver area there are indeed organizations set up with the premise of encouraging education, business growth and networking – for trainers. And usually for a fee.

But in today’s world there are many people who are very, very smart with fitness. They are self taught fitness geeks that may not have a training certification, but they may actually know more than a trainer at a big box gym! These people attend seminars and workshops. They read books, watch videos and follow blogs. In short, they are constantly learning and cross referencing what they find out with other sources.

Is this you?

The Internet has enabled so many people to be a fitness expert. There is so much information out there that all you need to do is reach out and grab it and to think critically.

It is for this reason that I feel it is absolutely imperative to include everyone in Fit Mornings. To some extent, we are all trainers. Even if you’re just training yourself. And everyone can bring something to the conversation.

A conversation

In a world where we have gimmicks like the shake weight, we need a venue for people to talk about fitness trends, methods and fads. And in a place like Fit Mornings, the different methods and systems can be debated and argued for or against. The nonsense will float to the top and we can skim it off, leaving the best and most effective methods to grow.

Will this work?

I think it will take some time to gain steam, but looking around at the fitness scene in Colorado I see a whole lot of motivated fitness folks.

Part social experiment and part TED-style talk, Fit Mornings is here.

See you on Sept 5.

By Ryan Wagner 

Calling all fitness enthusiasts - Fit Mornings needs you by