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Why do I have knee pain? A personal story

I have a personal anecdote for you this week. A long, long, time ago, I had some knee pain. It reared its ugly head after I went snow shoeing with some friends. At the time, I hadn’t really been snow shoeing in earnest – just a couple of short hikes – and so this particular day […]

Should you use a weight belt?

Every gym seems to have a handful of weight belts. Sometimes you have to hunt around for them, but they’re there. Some athletes will bring their own; as they grow older and the leather shows its age – a badge of honor. We all feel like we should wear them when we lift heavy things, […]

You are as old as your spine

This is an old Chinese proverb, as I’m lead to believe. Although I can’t trace the origin, it’s good advice nonetheless. But what does this really mean on a practical level? I’m as old as my spine? OK, well, what can I do about it then? This week (and I admit, it’s been a while […]

Do you lift weight? You better be able to do these 3 things.

A few years back there was a guy in the gym that I would see quite frequently, as he and I apparently had the same schedule. And more often than not, he was bench pressing. But he was never pressing raw. Instead, he always used a heavy band wrapped around his upper arms, such that […]

The ultimate movement guide

So this post is the beginning of something rather ambitious. I want to maintain a curated collection of all of my favorite fitness sources. From websites to books to podcasts, and everything in between. I’m calling it the Ultimate Movement Guide. And this will be a living guide – things are going to change. More […]

Exercising an hour a day may not be enough

How much should you be exercising each day to be “healthy”? Is exercising an hour a day plenty? And how do we define this exercise? Does walking 10 minutes to your favorite lunch spot count towards the final tally? It seems like every month there is a new article that comes out proclaiming a new ideal […]