Why do I have knee pain? A personal story

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I have a personal anecdote for you this week. A long, long, time ago, I had some knee pain. It reared its ugly head after I went snow shoeing with some friends. At the time, I hadn’t really been snow shoeing in earnest – just a couple of short hikes – and so this particular day was by far the longest outing I had planned. About half way through, let’s say maybe 4 miles in, my […]

weight belt

Should you use a weight belt?

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Every gym seems to have a handful of weight belts. Sometimes you have to hunt around for them, but they’re there. Some athletes will bring their own; as they grow older and the leather shows its age – a badge of honor. We all feel like we should wear them when we lift heavy things, right? But why? Many of you may be able to answer with the most common of responses: That it helps […]

how to treat a muscle sprain

You are as old as your spine

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This is an old Chinese proverb, as I’m lead to believe. Although I can’t trace the origin, it’s good advice nonetheless. But what does this really mean on a practical level? I’m as old as my spine? OK, well, what can I do about it then? This week (and I admit, it’s been a while since my last post #noexcuses) I want to talk about just that – the actionable things you can do to […]

Do you lift weight? You better be able to do these 3 things.

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A few years back there was a guy in the gym that I would see quite frequently, as he and I apparently had the same schedule. And more often than not, he was bench pressing. But he was never pressing raw. Instead, he always used a heavy band wrapped around his upper arms, such that the elasticity of the band would aid his press and help him in the lower portion of his strength curve. […]


The ultimate movement guide

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So this post is the beginning of something rather ambitious. I want to maintain a curated collection of all of my favorite fitness sources. From websites to books to podcasts, and everything in between. I’m calling it the Ultimate Movement Guide. And this will be a living guide – things are going to change. More than likely the list is going to grow as I continue to track down new references that I find both […]


Exercising an hour a day may not be enough

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How much should you be exercising each day to be “healthy”? Is exercising an hour a day plenty? And how do we define this exercise? Does walking 10 minutes to your favorite lunch spot count towards the final tally? It seems like every month there is a new article that comes out proclaiming a new ideal amount of exercise that we should all be getting. If there is a standard, then I suppose you should reference the […]