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What is the Stretch-Shortening Cycle? Here’s how it can help you

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What is the stretch-shortening cycle? It may sound like a technical physiology term, and to some extent I suppose it is, but it’s far more than just a fancy term. In fact, there’s a good chance it’s relevant to your own lifting and movement program. Whether you’re a competing Olympic weightlifter or Movnat practitioner, you’ll find value in this week’s post, because understanding the SSC concept can help you to move faster, jump higher, and be an […]

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What you need to know about stability training

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I am willing to bet that at some point you’ve stepped onto a BOSU ball or dyna disc and squatted. Or maybe you stood on one leg for a while and balanced. In the big box gym I frequent in the Boulder, I’ve seen countless people training on BOSU balls, stability discs (dyna discs), balance boards and similar tools. But just how effective is this type of training? What do you need to know about […]


2 important fitness lessons of 2014

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To be honest, I began this blog post by jumping on the New Year’s Resolutions bandwagon, but just a couple days shy of my deadline, I decided to take a different direction and instead look in the rear view mirror. I learned much over 2014 and interviewed some really amazing people. And if you were to distill my intellectual travels over the past year down to two of my most important fitness lessons of 2014, they […]

Are front squats better?

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You probably don’t do front squats, do you? I can say this with confidence because in the gym that I frequent, I have seen only one other person do a front squat – in (6) months. And the number of people that I have seen back squatting I can count on one hand. Too bad. Because not only is squatting a fundamental movement pattern, it is a great integrative body movement that can build muscle, burn […]

2 ways that I injured myself – and how you can avoid the same pitfalls

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Early in the spring I took a Wilderness First Responder certification course and over the duration of 10 days the recurring joke among those of us in class was that the only safe place was at home on your couch. It was our tongue in cheek reaction to learning of all the injuries that you could fall victim to when you venture out into the mountains for recreation. And to an extent, fitness is no […]

My experiment with Foundation Training

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Earlier this summer I stumbled across an interesting training program called Foundation Training. I say stumbled because it was purely by serendipity. Foundation Training is relatively new and certainly undiscovered by the majority of active people. At first glance it looks a lot like yoga but Foundation Training, or as I’ll refer to it in this post – FT, claims to help relieve back pain by safely and effectively treating dysfunctional movement patterns. It was created by chiropractor Eric […]