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Are lifting straps helping you or setting you up for an injury?

Do you use lifting straps or have you seen guys or girls in the gym using them for their deadlifts? Are lifting straps safe? Here’s the rationale: since the grip is usually the first thing to go in a heavy deadlift, these straps are intended to augment your grip strength, thereby setting you up for […]

Finding the best pair of gym shorts for you (the complete guide)

It was about a year ago that my brother gifted me a pair of Lululemon shorts for my birthday. When I opened the box and saw what was inside, I have to admit, there was a part of me that thought to myself, too bad I can’t wear these to the gym. This is, of […]

What shoes should you wear in the gym?

The best type of shoes to wear to the gym is going to depend on your workout, your body, and your goals. At a glance, here’s what I suggest: HIIT class like Orange Theory Fitness: sneakers with a minimal arch If you’re Olympic weightlifting: wear lifting shoes with a heel lift Deadlifting: flat soled shoes […]