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My workout today: Upper body press and pull

Historically, I’ve shied away on Motus Fitness when it comes to providing work out programs. I’ve always been happy to offer up concepts and tips, but I never go so far as to say “here’s the formula…” The reason being that everyone is different and without understanding your movement and your history of injuries, I […]

3 exercises not worth your time (and what to do instead)

It may be my German heritage or my background as an engineer, but whatever the reason, I’m often thinking in terms of efficiency. We’re all so busy these days that it can be challenging to even get to the gym, let alone spend an hour there. Therefore, I wanted to revisit a topic I’ve written […]

You are as old as your spine

This is an old Chinese proverb, as I’m lead to believe. Although I can’t trace the origin, it’s good advice nonetheless. But what does this really mean on a practical level? I’m as old as my spine? OK, well, what can I do about it then? This week (and I admit, it’s been a while […]

Do you lift weight? You better be able to do these 3 things.

A few years back there was a guy in the gym that I would see quite frequently, as he and I apparently had the same schedule. And more often than not, he was bench pressing. But he was never pressing raw. Instead, he always used a heavy band wrapped around his upper arms, such that […]

2 Mobility Drills and 2 Exercises for Healthy Shoulders

How are your shoulders doing? Do they feel rock solid, bulletproof? Like you could put them through almost anything? Or do you have some concerns about their stability and strength? Your shoulders are one of your body’s most complex joints. And because we use them in almost all of our exercises and movements, I believe […]

5 Exercises for Enviable Glutes

When it comes to glute training, most people center their focus solely on the back squat. And while the squat is indeed a proven mass builder – including your caboose – there are other exercises that will help you to shape a pair of glutes that you’ll be proud to show off at the pool […]