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5 Exercises You Need To Stop Doing (And What To Do Instead)

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Remember the Sit-and-Reach assessment that we did back in grade school? The one where you would put your legs out in front of you and reach towards your toes? Some people could reach their toes easily and went well beyond them, others, well, never had a chance. Today, we look back on the sit-and-reach and we know that it was never a smart assessment to begin with! For instance, it wasn’t body relative – what […]


Wrist strength and flexibility – how important is it?

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Providing any attention to my wrists is a relatively new thing for me. For many, many years my warm-ups never consisted of any sort of wrist routine. I would spend time on just about every other part of my body, but I wasn’t at all concerned about my wrist strength and flexibility. However, in the past couple of years I’ve started to really focus my training on calisthenics. Slowly but surely, I began to realize […]

Are box jumps worth it?

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Box jumps seem to be all the rage today. I’ve seen them promoted as a strength building exercise, a power development tool and even a cardio exercise. Go to a big box gym and you’ll be hard pressed to find anyone deadlifting or squatting, but I’m guessing you’ll see a handful of devotees jumping onto higher and higher boxes. And it’s not difficult to feel like you’re watching a car race – thinking that sooner […]

2 exercises you need to master

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Recently, I’ve taken a step back in my own training. Aside from one day a week deadlifting with a barbell in the gym, I spend the remainder of my workouts outside in the backyard training with only my bodyweight. I’m doing this because I really enjoy the world of calisthenics. Some of the planche variations and handstand concepts are just way too cool to pass up! But what has shaken out of the mix is […]

Are front squats better?

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You probably don’t do front squats, do you? I can say this with confidence because in the gym that I frequent, I have seen only one other person do a front squat – in (6) months. And the number of people that I have seen back squatting I can count on one hand.¬†Too bad. Because not only is squatting a fundamental movement pattern, it is a great integrative body movement that can build muscle, burn […]

Rediscover the push up and the pistol squat

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We all have a list of exercises that we don’t really do anymore. They were either deemed too simple to be effective, not challenging enough or we just grew plain sick of them. But that’s a shame because even the most simple of exercises can be made into an effective challenge. I have (2) examples. One, the push up, is very approachable and familiar to us all. The other, the pistol squat, is for the […]