The Turkish Get Up: how one simple exercise can make you a better lifter

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A couple years ago I was working out in a big box gym and I happened to be practicing my Get Ups. A young boy and his mother were walking by looking for a machine to use when the boy saw me doing a Turkish Get Up and said to his mom enthusiastically, ” let’s do that!” “No! We’re not doing that,” said the mom. At the time, there was a part of me that […]

Knee valgus and why it’s more common than you think

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I would argue that the squat is the most fundamental movement pattern that we humans do. However, Westerners and those in developed countries have chairs, computers, cars – all things that encourage us not to squat. And so this is why there are so many blogs and books and bro-science videos on YouTube that can’t seem to talk enough about squatting. At the risk of jumping on the bandwagon, I was recently reminded of why so many […]

No nonsense tips for the bench press

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Mondays are international bench press day. Did you know that? No, it’s not official (yet), but it’s the tongue in cheek holiday that seems to fit just perfectly. Outside the world of strength junkies, most people typically associate the resistance training crowd with the bench press. It’s the poster child for weigh training and bro-science. And so it’s a bit ironic that most people don’t know what they’re doing when it comes to this exercise. It […]

It’s time to earn your first pull up

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I say earn because pull ups aren’t easy. They are hard. There’s no getting around it. Most people have a hard time doing even one. Maybe this sounds like you. If so, I want to help. Because walking by the pull up bar with your eyes to the ground is no way to go through life. Doing bar work is awesome, it really is. Pull ups open up your world to climbing, obstacle races and everything in between. […]

4 easy exercises you can do at the office

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You need good posture. Not just because your mom told always told you to stand up straight, but because your body wants you to have good posture. But where it gets tricky is that your body doesn’t always know what good posture because it may have been so long ago! Standing tall with your shoulders back can boost your confidence and help your (3) big lifts. But this can be difficult for a modern day […]

Building your hiking strength

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Last week, I discussed some of my favorite mobility exercises to help loosen your hips from a long winter. My intention with that post was primarily to help build the case that a freely moving pair of hips is key to putting on some serious miles this summer in the mountains. The other half of the story is strength. I’ve created a short list of excellent exercises to help you build some serious hiking strength […]