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Here’s what happened at the November Fit Mornings event

In case you weren’t able to attend in person, here’s what happened at the November Fit Mornings: Dan Jimenez of Axistence Athletics was up first and gave us a great overview of the current state of fitness. A lot has happened in the past several decades as Dan describes: Next up was Tyrone Beverly […]

Finding a good gym is tougher than you think

So I ran a little experiment recently. I ‘went undercover’ to a handful of gyms in my neighborhood with the intention of learning how they would try to sell me. I was curious if the goal for the gym was to help me achieve my goals or, and this is what we all expect, that […]

Fit Mornings – Laura St. John and Brian Bowen

For those of you that are outside the Denver area (or the USA entirely!) and therefore missed the inaugural Fit Mornings on September 5th, I want to take a moment and share with you what all happened. In a nutshell, we had a great event with two amazing speakers who did a great job of capturing […]

Fit Mornings – Where the fitness community comes together

Seth Godin likes to ask the question, “what is the most popular soft drink in America?” For those of us in the health and fitness industry, we could just as easily substitute fitness method (yoga, CrossFit, pilates, etc) for soft drink. And so what’s the answer to that question? Is there a singular most popular […]

4 keys to building your successful fitness business

If you are in the fitness business then the odds are against you that your gym will succeed as a successful fitness business. That’s the harsh truth. In fact, according to Martin Rooney’s research, 80% of gyms go out of business in their first five years and 16 out of 17 are out of business […]

Is movement fitness here to stay?

Without knowing you personally I’m willing to guess that there are (2) reasons you exercise: 1. To be able to do the things that you want to do 2. To be happy with your body Sounds pretty simple, right? Well, just for fun, let’s distill the two points above to their absolute essence: To lose […]