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When corrective exercise isn’t the best answer

Early last spring I was training in a movement club and one of the coaches was taking me through a progression for mastering a muscle-up. For the uninitiated, a muscle-up is arguably the crème-de-la-crème of strength. It’s a relative symphony of mobility and brute power. I’m a strong guy, with 15 years of lifting experience, […]

Social marijuana use and fitness: A risky combination

With last year’s passage of Initiative 300, the social marijuana measure, the City of Denver’s Department of Excise and Licenses is now hard at work trying to figure out how to practically make this happen. Meanwhile, local businesses are preparing in their own way. While the concept of smoking marijuana in a bar-like environment is […]

Mindfulness in the gym

What do you know about mindfulness? That is, being mindful? I hail from a technical background and so when I first encountered an article on the subject, I admit, I was a little biased against it. It just seemed too abstract to be of much value to me in my everyday life. Since that time, […]

The best way to improve your fitness business

Free tea would be nice, wouldn’t it!? But it’s not quite what I’m thinking. As I write this, I’m sitting on the patio of my favorite neighborhood coffee and tea shop. There’s a lot to like about the place. It’s a nice quiet setting, but not too quiet. There’s an extensive offering of teas – […]

The secret to being strong is no secret at all

At what seems like regular intervals I am reminded that just about everyone has at least one health and fitness challenge that they are trying to overcome. And most recently, I had two personal trainers admit to me that they – the super fit – were having fitness related challenges. The aches and pains that […]

What is Motus Fitness all about?

Sometimes I think I spend so much time writing about the elements that comprise this whole crazy idea called Motus Fitness, that I may forget to bring it all together. That maybe I don’t spend enough time integrating all these thoughts into the big picture. So, this blog post is a little different from my […]