Overcome these 4 challenges and you’ll be a primal fitness hero

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I stumbled across a great video recently by Benny Lewis of Fluent in 3 Months. If you haven’t heard of Benny he’s a polyglot – he speaks several languages – and is an expert at language learning. The video that really caught my attention was his talk at a TEDx event where he discusses what he considers to be the biggest challenges behind why people can’t learn a language. As I watched I couldn’t help […]

Rediscover the push up and the pistol squat

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We all have a list of exercises that we don’t really do anymore. They were either deemed too simple to be effective, not challenging enough or we just grew plain sick of them. But that’s a shame because even the most simple of exercises can be made into an effective challenge. I have (2) examples. One, the push up, is very approachable and familiar to us all. The other, the pistol squat, is for the […]


Fit Mornings – Where the fitness community comes together

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Seth Godin likes to ask the question, “what is the most popular soft drink in America?” For those of us in the health and fitness industry, we could just as easily substitute fitness method (yoga, CrossFit, pilates, etc) for soft drink. And so what’s the answer to that question? Is there a singular most popular fitness method in the USA today? Nope. The fitness program you subscribe to is not going to be what your […]

5 inspirational YouTube videos to get you off the couch

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So the past week has been the perfect storm of lost productivity for me. The primary culprit was the untimely demise of my laptop charging cable. And it turns out that one major drawback of owning a nifty little ultrabook is that charging cables are relatively tough to come by. Long story short – I’m back! The particulary astute of you will notice that today’s post is (gasp!) one day late. And in light of […]

6 strategies for you to instantly become a better lifter

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I’ve been lifting weights for a little over 12 years now. Sometimes the gains came relatively easily (college) and there have been times that it took me months to be able to put another 10 lbs on the bar. I’ve failed more than a few times, learned lots and had my successes. For this blog post I spent some time thinking about the strategies that above all others have really helped me to become a […]


The biggest myth in women’s fitness

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It’s the myth that just never seems to go away. Every few months I come across an article that works to debunk this myth: That women shouldn’t lift weights because if they do they will spontaneously transform into a bodybuilder. That if a woman were to venture out from the TRX-bootcamp-yoga-pilates world and pick up something heavy, she would fly right past ‘sexy muscle’ and onto ‘awkward muscle.’ Nothing could be further from the truth. […]