The rise of parkour in Colorado

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I’m guessing you have a bias towards parkour. I did. I categorized it as a bunch of young people tricking off of objects in a way that appeared more exhibitionist than anything. But I’ve now come to realize that I was focusing on all the things that were missing from the parkour concept (it must be the engineer in me) and not the actual movement. Recently, I interviewed a handful of coaches at APEX Movement, an […]


Cross training with aerial silk

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Everyone likes to be suspended in the air. Seriously, we all do. Even if you are afraid of heights you still spend time in a hammock, right? And so when coupled with my calisthenics obsession this summer, I suppose it was all but inevitable that I’d one day be hanging inverted from aerial silk. If you haven’t seen a production by Cirque de Soleil or count yourself among the company of dance inspired friends, here’s the […]

Why not right now?

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[This blog post is a little different. You may call it motivational, or upbeat, or maybe the inevitable speech of any trainer. But it doesn’t really matter how you categorize it, does it? Up next week is how to do 3 perfect pull-ups and this week: Why right now is the best time to start – anything.] Remember the film Fight Club? Or the 1996 novel by Chuck Palahniuk that it was based on? I […]

4 easy exercises you can do at the office

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You need good posture. Not just because your mom told always told you to stand up straight, but because your body wants you to have good posture. But where it gets tricky is that your body doesn’t always know what good posture because it may have been so long ago! Standing tall with your shoulders back can boost your confidence and help your (3) big lifts. But this can be difficult for a modern day […]

3 ways to reclaim your fitness

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Quick mental exercise for you… Very quickly, which of the following four words stand out in relation to the question: What are your feelings towards fitness? Fun Boring Obligatory Ugh There’s no right or wrong answer, in my opinion. But it’s a good question to ask yourself every so often. Everyday we are bombarded with fitness related propaganda. Whether it comes in the form of supermarket check-out magazines or commercials or billboards, you, me, everyone […]

An experiment with street workouts

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If you’re looking to kill some time hop on Pinterest and search for street workout or calisthenic boards. It’ll take about 2 seconds for you to start thinking that maybe you aren’t as strong as you thought. There is an elite handful of guys and girls that can do some really amazing things using only their bodyweight. Using only the ground and a pull-up bar they seem to mold enviable physiques and make it look easy. In […]