Gymtimidation and how to fight it

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A recent study has shown that ‘gymtimidation’ – the fear of going to the gym – is alive and thriving. According to the UK’s Daily Mail the survey performed by Cosmopolitan Body UK found that twice as many women as men feel embarrassed while exercising in the gym. The primary culprit is a feeling that others are noticing them (e.g. uncomfortable stares). On the other hand, men are a little more confident in they gym, but 20% still […]

10 Great Things About Waking Up

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Have a tough time getting out of bed in the morning? We all do sometimes. Here are 10 great things about waking up to help get you motivated. 1. You have a chance to hit the reset button Today is a brand new day. Make the most of it. You’ve heard that mantra before, no doubt. But try this: jot down one thing you want to accomplish. It has to be achievable and realistic. And scalable. […]