2 Mobility Drills and 2 Exercises for Healthy Shoulders

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How are your shoulders doing? Do they feel rock solid, bulletproof? Like you could put them through almost anything? Or do you have some concerns about their stability and strength? Your shoulders are one of your body’s most complex joints. And because we use them in almost all of our exercises and movements, I believe training your shoulders for optimum function and performance should be placed very high on your list – regardless of how […]

Knee valgus and why it’s more common than you think

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I would argue that the squat is the most fundamental movement pattern that we humans do. However, Westerners and those in developed countries have chairs, computers, cars – all things that encourage us not to squat. And so this is why there are so many blogs and books and bro-science videos on YouTube that can’t seem to talk enough about squatting. At the risk of jumping on the bandwagon, I was recently reminded of why so many […]

butt wink and how to fix it

What is butt wink and how can you fix it

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Ah yes, the infamous butt wink. For the uninitiated, butt wink is a not-so-scientific, yet widely accepted, term for the posterior rotation of the pelvis and subsequent rounding of the lower back when you squat down. This is a bad thing because when the spine isn’t neutral it puts your spinal discs in a position to be loaded with an unhealthy shear stress. This can lead to a not so nice thing called a spinal […]

Why you should care about thoracic spine mobility

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Take a moment to be mindful of your posture right now. Are you hunched over a pixelated screen with your shoulders elevated and neck held uncomfortably forward? If my guess isn’t far off then you owe it to yourself to learn a little about your thoracic spine mobility. Simply put, it’s a measure of how freely your upper spine moves. Here’s what you need you know: Your lumbar spine is meant for stability, but your […]