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My visit to the Boulder Movement Collective

I recently visited the Boulder Movement Collective, Colorado’s first Ido Portal inspired training facility. For a long time now, I’ve wondered why Boulder, or Colorado for that matter, didn’t have a movement-focused training gym. After all, Colorado is such a mecca for the super fit, that it just seemed natural to see some sort of […]

5 Daily Habits for Better Posture

Posture, posture, posture. Everyone wants it, few have it, and we’re always talking about it, aren’t we? Well, it’s a hot topic for good reason – having good posture is key to maintaining a healthy body. It’s as simple as that. At Motus I spend a lot of time talking about the big three – […]

Exercising an hour a day may not be enough

How much should you be exercising each day to be “healthy”? Is exercising an hour a day plenty? And how do we define this exercise? Does walking 10 minutes to your favorite lunch spot count towards the final tally? It seems like every month there is a new article that comes out proclaiming a new ideal […]

Where to find Movnat in Colorado

Fitness is always changing. Sometimes at a glacier pace, and other times, entire trends are extinguished in only a few short years. It should come as no surprise that one of my favorite topics to write about is how the rather avante garde fitness trends are changing and how well received they are. And a […]

Simple ways to improve your posture at work

It’s common knowledge that Western societies spend far too much time seated. We sit all day long at work only to go home and sit some more. And when we go to the gym we see an enormous selection of workout machines that encourage us to once again be seated! All this sitting is not […]

Improvising your fitness like Ido Portal and Movnat is tough – here’s how

The methods behind Movnat and Ido Portal are inspirational. I think that’s honestly the best way to describe these programs to the uninitiated. But this awesomeness comes at a cost because each of the methods promotes mastery of movement via improvisation. And if you’re an inspiring mover then I think that it’s this element of improvisation […]