The rise of parkour in Colorado

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I’m guessing you have a bias towards parkour. I did. I categorized it as a bunch of young people tricking off of objects¬†in a way that appeared more exhibitionist than anything. But I’ve now come to realize that I was focusing on all the things that were missing from the parkour concept (it must be the engineer in me) and not the actual movement. Recently, I interviewed a handful of coaches at APEX Movement, an […]


Fitness is becoming ever more polarized. Will movement fitness methods bridge the gap?

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I find fitness fascinating. I can’t think of any other activity where so many people are tinkering away with their bodies trying to find new ways to lose weight or gain muscle, enhance athleticism, etc. The way some guys will tinker with their Mustang on the weekend, others will be in the gym of their choice trying to devise new combinations to help them meet their goals. The more successful of these innovators, or sometimes […]

Did you sign up for an obstacle race this summer?

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I have two questions for you: 1. How many pull-ups can you do? 2. Are you planning on competing in an obstacle race this season? If the answer to the latter was ‘yes’ and the former a shrug of the shoulders then you need to read this post. Why? Because the ability to safely hang with only your bodyweight is not only fundamental for countless other movements, but for many of the popular obstacle races […]