3 ways to be a stronger hiker this summer

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A few years back, I was mountain biking on a section of the Colorado Trail near Denver. For those of you that may not be familiar with the trail, it is a 486 mile continuous trail that stretches all the way from Denver to the historic city of Durango, in Southern Colorado. It’s a beautiful hike and one that attracts thousands to walk it in one outing, thru-hikers, they are called. As I was mountain […]

Building your hiking strength

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Last week, I discussed some of my favorite mobility exercises to help loosen your hips from a long winter. My intention with that post was primarily to help build the case that a freely moving pair of hips is key to putting on some serious miles this summer in the mountains. The other half of the story is strength. I’ve created a short list of excellent exercises to help you build some serious hiking strength […]


Here’s how to get back in shape for hiking

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So here in Colorado our last(?) snow of the year has almost completely melted and you know what that means – the hordes will begin descending on the hillsides for any number of day hikes. Every year, countless people end up hurting themselves on what is supposed to be a stress free hike – be it a sprained ankle, Achilles tendinitis or worse. While it’s great that people are finding their way outside and remembering […]