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Category: Technique

Should you use a weight belt?

Every gym seems to have a handful of weight belts. Sometimes you have to hunt around for them, but they’re there. Some athletes will bring their own; as they grow older and the leather shows its age – a badge of honor. We all feel like we should wear them when we lift heavy things, […]

2 exercises you need to master

Recently, I’ve taken a step back in my own training. Aside from one day a week deadlifting with a barbell in the gym, I spend the remainder of my workouts outside in the backyard training with only my bodyweight. I’m doing this because I really enjoy the world of calisthenics. Some of the planche variations […]

Part I: Deadlift guide for novices – building your foundation

Unless you lift in a true strength training facility, odds are that not many people in your gym include the deadlift as part of their routine. This deadlift guide is meant to help you build a foundation for yourself – in terms of both strength and technique. Maybe you’re one of them! If this is […]

Bruce Lee’s one inch punch

It’s no secret that Bruce Lee threw a lot of punches. And kicks. Some elbows. Nevertheless, there is one in particular that he is remembered for: the aptly named, ‘one inch punch.’ It is just as you’re envisioning, a punch with only an inch or so of travel. That is, instead of winding up like […]