weight belt

Should you use a weight belt?

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Every gym seems to have a handful of weight belts. Sometimes you have to hunt around for them, but they’re there. Some athletes will bring their own; as they grow older and the leather shows its age – a badge of honor. We all feel like we should wear them when we lift heavy things, right? But why? Many of you may be able to answer with the most common of responses: That it helps […]

2 exercises you need to master

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Recently, I’ve taken a step back in my own training. Aside from one day a week deadlifting with a barbell in the gym, I spend the remainder of my workouts outside in the backyard training with only my bodyweight. I’m doing this because I really enjoy the world of calisthenics. Some of the planche variations and handstand concepts are just way too cool to pass up! But what has shaken out of the mix is […]

the deadlift guide

Part I: Deadlift guide for novices – building your foundation

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Unless you lift in a true strength training facility, odds are that not many people in your gym include the deadlift as part of their routine. This deadlift guide is meant to help you build a foundation for yourself – in terms of both strength and technique. Maybe you’re one of them! If this is true, then allow me to (temporarily) come to your defense. The deadlift has an intimidating name and the few guys […]

Bruce Lee’s one inch punch

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It’s no secret that Bruce Lee threw a lot of punches. And kicks. Some elbows. Nevertheless, there is one in particular that he is remembered for: the aptly named, ‘one inch punch.’ It is just as you’re envisioning, a punch with only an inch or so of travel. That is, instead of winding up like a boxer and bringing the arm all the way back near one’s shoulder, Bruce Lee could pull back just one […]