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Shake recipe #2

This one is a little on the sweeter side because we’re throwing in half of a hard boiled egg. I have tried using whole eggs in the past, but I wouldn’t recommend it unless you enjoy drinking eggs (I don’t). Shake recipe #2 1/2 cup Greek yogurt, plain 1/2 cup frozen mixed berries 1/2 hard […]

Free training session: New member perk or waste of time?

A couple months back I joined a new gym. It’s a big place, it qualifies as a “big box” gym. I’m pretty sure the membership employee liked me because I made my decision to join in about 5 minutes flat. All I needed to do was walk the floor enough that I could see the […]

Fitness when you’re traveling

Maintaining your level of fitness while traveling can be a tough thing. But if you put some thought into it you’ll realize that there are plenty of ways for you to stay fit while being on the go. Why is fitness on the road so difficult? Many of us have a tough time being active […]

A case for unilateral leg training

Training one leg at a time often gets a bad rap. Guys have a tendency to think that unilateral leg exercises like the split squat and pistol are just one small step away from a Zumba class. And that’s a shame because training one leg at a time may end up being the most efficient […]

What you need to know about protein powders

The first time I picked up a dumbbell with any real purpose was when I was 18 and a freshmen in college. It wasn’t long before I started experimenting with different types of protein powders. You see, at 18 many guys want to be big. Or at least bigger than they are. More muscle, more […]

3 Dynamic warm ups you should be doing

Is your warm up still just a walk on the treadmill? It’s time to warm up your body the way it was mean to – with movement that mimics your work out. Ditch the tread and start incorporating these 3 dynamic warm ups into your routine today. Wall Slides Sit at a desk all day? […]