Fit Mornings – Laura St. John and Brian Bowen

by Ryan Wagner

For those of you that are outside the Denver area (or the USA entirely!) and therefore missed the inaugural Fit Mornings on September 5th, I want to take a moment and share with you what all happened.

In a nutshell, we had a great event with two amazing speakers who did a great job of capturing the month’s theme – A Snapshot of Colorado Fitness. Aside from helping me to kick off the Fit Mornings concept, they did a fine job of blending their expertise with practical tips. They each organized some great content that you can apply to your own life and use right away.

First up was Laura St. John of Pearl Street Fitness. Laura spoke on the topic of how to take your workout from ordinary to extraordinary. It may sound like a cliche, but Laura really drove home the point that our workouts should really help to make us feel good. We should leave a workout or training session feeling better than when we arrived. Here’s the full video:

And up next was Brian Bowen of Integrative Health. Brian is an expert in acupuncture and the Egoscue method. During his talk he really provided a great overview of how our muscles are just like a set of guylines on a ship. That is, our muscles and soft tissue work together to pull our skeletal muscles in different directions all based on environmental factors. The easy example is that if you sit hunched over a computer screen for too long your body’s going to react with postural compensations. But Brian went on to show us all the little things that contribute to our posture.

Fortunately, he also provided some great practical movements that we can all do to aid in mobility and combat degenerative postural compensation patterns. Check out the video below:

And we also had free coffee available from Huckleberry Roasters and cold pressed juice from Corner Beet! All in all, it was a great time.

I hope you can make the next event! More details at Fit Mornings.

By Ryan Wagner

Fit Mornings - Laura St. John and Brian Bowen by