Here’s what happened at the November Fit Mornings event

by Ryan Wagner

In case you weren’t able to attend in person, here’s what happened at the November Fit Mornings:

Dan Jimenez of Axistence Athletics was up first and gave us a great overview of the current state of fitness. A lot has happened in the past several decades as Dan describes:

Next up was Tyrone Beverly of I’mUnique United. Tyrone is the founder of this Denver based, non-profit organization that aims to unite the community around building a healthy lifestyle.

A special thank you to both Dan and Tyrone for taking time out of their busy schedules to come and speak to us. They put together some great content and really made an impact in the lives of those who attended. In fact, at the end of this event, Tyrone asked the audience what they thought? Did they enjoy coming?

I was absolutely blown away by the responses – there was nothing but positive comments. It really meant a lot to me to hear this feedback.

So, if you missed out on the November event, you can take a look at the videos above and you can also sign up for future events at the Fit Mornings website.

Be well everyone and I hope to see you in December!

By Ryan Wagner

Here's what happened at the November Fit Mornings event by