The Ultimate Guide to Overcoming Gymtimidation

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This week’s post is a little different. I have invited my good friend, Shawn McKibben, to guest post this week. Shawn runs one of the leading personal development websites – Simple Fellow. He’s not a trainer, fitness coach, or in the fitness industry at all, for that matter. But he has lost an incredible 50+ lbs over the past 7 months. He’s tried yoga, started a sustainable swimming routine, and most importantly, he has overcome […]

Why not right now?

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[This blog post is a little different. You may call it motivational, or upbeat, or maybe the inevitable speech of any trainer. But it doesn’t really matter how you categorize it, does it? Up next week is how to do 3 perfect pull-ups and this week: Why right now is the best time to start – anything.] Remember the film Fight Club? Or the 1996 novel by Chuck Palahniuk that it was based on? I […]

3 ways to reclaim your fitness

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Quick mental exercise for you… Very quickly, which of the following four words stand out in relation to the question: What are your feelings towards fitness? Fun Boring Obligatory Ugh There’s no right or wrong answer, in my opinion. But it’s a good question to ask yourself every so often. Everyday we are bombarded with fitness related propaganda. Whether it comes in the form of supermarket check-out magazines or commercials or billboards, you, me, everyone […]