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Free training session: New member perk or waste of time?

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A couple months back I joined a new gym. It’s a big place, it qualifies as a “big box” gym. I’m pretty sure the membership employee liked me because I made my decision to join in about 5 minutes flat. All I needed to do was walk the floor enough that I could see the condition of the equipment and locate a power rack. I told her that I didn’t need to see the locker […]


4 keys to building your successful fitness business

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If you are in the fitness business then the odds are against you that your gym will succeed as a successful fitness business. That’s the harsh truth. In fact, according to Martin Rooney’s research, 80% of gyms go out of business in their first five years and 16 out of 17 are out of business in 8 years! These are not encouraging statistics. But at the end of the day, the fitness business is just […]