how to be healthier in 2017 and what to do

Want to be healthier in 2017? Treat your body like a business

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So, this post was originally published on my LinkedIn page, but I think that it is still very relevant to share with you here. Why? Because this time of year is tough – many New Year’s Resolutions are fading because we’re getting back into our old lives, that is, our post holiday lives. And for many people, that means that they are having to make some very tough decisions on how they spend their time… […]

Mindfulness in the gym

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What do you know about mindfulness? That is, being mindful? I hail from a technical background and so when I first encountered an article on the subject, I admit, I was a little biased against it. It just seemed too abstract to be of much value to me in my everyday life. Since that time, roughly 2 years ago, I’ve come a long way, I like to think. Today, I make time to meditate and […]