Is movement fitness here to stay?

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Without knowing you personally I’m willing to guess that there are (2) reasons you exercise: 1. To be able to do the things that you want to do 2. To be happy with your body Sounds pretty simple, right? Well, just for fun, let’s distill the two points above to their absolute essence: To lose weight. Build muscle. Feel better. Viola. The rest is just noise. So, with that in mind, let’s try and see if […]

An experiment with street workouts

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If you’re looking to kill some time hop on Pinterest and search for street workout or calisthenic boards. It’ll take about 2 seconds for you to start thinking that maybe you aren’t as strong as you thought. There is an elite handful of guys and girls that can do some really amazing things using only their bodyweight. Using only the ground and a pull-up bar they seem to mold enviable physiques and make it look easy. In […]


Fitness is becoming ever more polarized. Will movement fitness methods bridge the gap?

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I find fitness fascinating. I can’t think of any other activity where so many people are tinkering away with their bodies trying to find new ways to lose weight or gain muscle, enhance athleticism, etc. The way some guys will tinker with their Mustang on the weekend, others will be in the gym of their choice trying to devise new combinations to help them meet their goals. The more successful of these innovators, or sometimes […]

Ido Portal

A tale of two fitness methods, Movnat and Ido Portal

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The most promising trend I see in the fitness industry today is a focus on absolute, pure human movement from two innovators – Erwan Le Corre and Ido Portal. And it makes perfect sense because movement is what we train for, isn’t it? Sometimes we spend so much time training in the gym for a bigger bench or a bigger squat, that we forget the whole point of fitness in the first place. For the weight […]