Why do I have knee pain? A personal story

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I have a personal anecdote for you this week. A long, long, time ago, I had some knee pain. It reared its ugly head after I went snow shoeing with some friends. At the time, I hadn’t really been snow shoeing in earnest – just a couple of short hikes – and so this particular day was by far the longest outing I had planned. About half way through, let’s say maybe 4 miles in, my […]


2 important fitness lessons of 2014

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To be honest, I began this blog post by jumping on the New Year’s Resolutions bandwagon, but just a couple days shy of my deadline, I decided to take a different direction and instead look in the rear view mirror. I learned much over 2014 and interviewed some really amazing people. And if you were to distill my intellectual travels over the past year down to two of my most important fitness lessons of 2014, they […]