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In defense of weightlifting

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As much as I write about movement and calisthenics, I do still spend a fair amount of time weightlifting. And to be completely honest, I love it. It may sound like a complete meathead mentality, but I really do like pumping iron! Regarding my emphasis on movement and gymnastics inspired training, I view weightlifting as complementary to helping me achieve my goals, not opposing. And so this week I thought I would take a moment […]

6 strategies for you to instantly become a better lifter

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I’ve been lifting weights for a little over 12 years now. Sometimes the gains came relatively easily (college) and there have been times that it took me months to be able to put another 10 lbs on the bar. I’ve failed more than a few times, learned lots and had my successes. For this blog post I spent some time thinking about the strategies that above all others have really helped me to become a […]