Want to be healthier in 2017? Treat your body like a business

by Ryan Wagner

So, this post was originally published on my LinkedIn page, but I think that it is still very relevant to share with you here. Why? Because this time of year is tough – many New Year’s Resolutions are fading because we’re getting back into our old lives, that is, our post holiday lives. And for many people, that means that they are having to make some very tough decisions on how they spend their time…


(Consider this your mid-January pep talk…)

Right now, New Year’s Resolutions are being put to the test. And every year, one of the first resolutions to fade away into obscurity is your commitment to improving your health and wellness. Because after a couple weeks back in the office, life happens.

And you’re busy. Really busy. How can you justify taking an hour and half, several days a week, if not everyday, to exercise? After all, that’s lost productivity and you just don’t have the time, right?

If your fitness goals are teetering on the brink of collapse, I want you to consider a new strategy: Treat your body like a business.

Here’s what I mean: With your business, you’re constantly looking for ways to improve, make more money, be more efficient, and grow. Apply this same thinking to your body. How can you be healthier? How can your body run smoother? How can you move better and feel more comfortable climbing a flight of stairs or sitting in front of the computer all day? Your business is a well-oiled machine. It’s time for your body to align.

Practically speaking, this can mean losing weight, building muscle, fixing that sore knee, rehabbing your shoulder, etc. With so much of our daily lives spent working, maintaining a poor posture or enduring a sore joint due to a muscular imbalance can have a real impact on our work, much less your quality of life.

You probably agree with me. But there’s that little voice in the back of your mind saying, “yes, but there just isn’t enough time.”

I completely understand. None of us have time to workout. We don’t. There’s just too much going on. And yet…we make the time. We carve it out of our busy lives and assign some of it for working out. Fitness becomes a priority. Skipping the gym on Monday is not an option. None whatsoever. We just go. It’s as natural as showing up for a client meeting or sending an email. It just happens because it’s on the calendar or it’s part of our job.

In my mind, work and movement (and when I say movement, I am referring to any and all forms of exercise) are the same. There can’t be one without the other. In order for me to work 13 hours a day, every day, I need to spend 2.5 hours lifting weights, stretching, and if there’s time, hitting the sauna. This may not be the right formula for you, but the point I want to make is that work and fitness are more linked than you may think.

Treat your body like a business. Pencil your workout in just like it’s any other appointment. For instance, you have a meeting at 9:30 am and another at 1:30 pm, and then a workout at 5:45 pm. It’s simple when you look at it this way, isn’t it?

If having time is half the battle to fulling your New Year’s resolution, then actually doing the work is the other half. There are two strategies that work well. First, you can harness your competitive nature that has helped you in the professional world. Second, you find a way to hold yourself accountable.

Personally, I love the competitive nature of the business world. And with my own fitness, I think I’ve always been competitive with either someone else or myself. For instance, I’d compete with the girl in the gym that could easily do a handstand when I couldn’t. Or, I’d compete against the version of myself from last week, trying to add just a little more weight to the bar, or just one more rep.

Maybe you can be competitive with a neighbor or a colleague. Perhaps it’s someone who is also trying to lose 25 lbs or get the six pack abs.

Or, maybe you need to hold yourself accountable to another person. It could be a personal trainer. This way, you’re also “pocket committed” because you’re paying for a service. Or, maybe it’s someone outside the gym. I gifted a family member a subscription to Daily Burn recently. And it turns out that being accountable to me, in a fiscal sense, was the missing piece. Knowing that I was covering a monthly subscription is what made all the difference in this person’s motivation to be healthy.

Making the commitment to yourself to be healthier is no small thing. It demands time from our busy lives and requires a complete change in your lifestyle to be successful. But it’s worth it. The difference in how you can feel is reason enough to make these changes. And when you start to understand how your business and professional life can really benefit from a healthier and more productive you, I think you’ll be hooked.

I’m rooting for you :).

Want to be healthier in 2017? Treat your body like a business by