What is Motus Fitness?

by Ryan Wagner


It’s been said that starting a blog is somewhat misleading – that it is far too easy to set up when compared to hold difficult it is to find traffic. Given my own time constraints and obligations I am inclined to agree with this perception. Alas, here I am, writing the first post of what I expect to be a twice monthly posting. So, before we dive into the fun stuff, let’s get a few things out of the way:

What this blog is:

This blog is intended to be both a reliable and a respected source of fitness consultation. Whether you consider yourself an advanced lifter or new to fitness altogether, we are all humans, we all move, we are all students of fitness. In fact, the namesake of this blog is a nod towards the Latin word for movement, motus.

What this blog is not:

It is important for me to acknowledge that this blog is not a one stop shop for fitness. I will rarely provide formal routines and programs because everyone is different. What will work for one person may not work for you. Certainly, from an injury perspective, one must be careful taking any advice from this blog. I assume my readers are healthy and have no underlying concerns that would jeopardize their health. I will not dispel medical advice nor act as a nutritional consult. I’ll leave these topics to the respective experts.

What I need from you, dear reader:

This blog is intended to spark an intelligent discussion. Therefore, I truly want and encourage reader comments and guest posts. That being said, please note that anecdotal evidence will not likely capture my attention. As you are probably well aware, the internet is riddled with fitness advice. Some good, some bad, and some, well you get the idea. And so it is my intention to uphold certain standards. For example, I will never promote any technique or discuss any topic that I have not personally vetted. And so I expect any comments posted or guest blogs offered up to afford me the same courtesy. As fitness professionals we have a duty to uphold high standards. This is especially important amidst an industry that constantly idolizes ‘get skinny quick’ scams. We can and will do better on Motus Fitness.


I got into this business for a handful of reasons, but why the blog? After all, I’m not exactly recreating the wheel here by starting a fitness soapbox from which to stand. As much as I’d like to poetically put to word my value proposition, my mission, my sales pitch, I realize that it isn’t something I can do just yet. My subsequent blogs and topics for discussion will help to shape my direction. I believe many trainers can relate – that their fitness philosophy is not easy categorized or defined, much less squeezed into an elevator pitch. It is with this rather vague, although I hope somewhat leveling admission that I introduce Motus Fitness.
Everyone, welcome.

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